Anyone looking for a gaming PC without needing a mortgage to cover the cost is going to end up looking at high powered laptops over the typical desktop setups. These portable machines can handle the majority of what you throw at them and you can take them on the road, as opposed to hulking towers that eat up electricity and floor space. That’s why one of the best options on the market might just be the Alienware m16 Gaming Laptop. This is a beast of a laptop and it’s been designed without the wallet draining features that you get on the premium Alienware gaming options.

Like most Alienware builds, this one looks great from the second you lay your eyes on it. It has a sleep design with black to dark gray colors that you expect from the company. Don’t think that you’re getting a tiny laptop that practically disappears when you’re not using it, though. It’s a large machine with a lot of weight that might just make you decide to leave it in one place for the entire time you own it. It’s still an incredibly impressive feat to have so much performance in a relatively small laptop that doesn’t break the bank.




The Alienware M16 Gaming Laptop has a great cost to power ratio that makes it stand out against its competitors. It cuts out just enough premium features of their more expensive options to give you a powerful gaming platform that’s much more affordable for most people. It’s the follow-up to their M15 R7 and that series has always made a point of offering lower cost computers that don’t go overboard on bloated features that you’d likely never notice. That’s why it’s a great choice but it still comes with a few downsides. Whether or not it’s for you is a personal preference but you can’t really go wrong with it. The specs are on point, and you won’t need to upgrade for a long time to come.

Alienware M16 Specs

One look at the Alienware M16’s specs is going to show you that it’s more than worth a good look when you’re in the market. First up is the display and the stock version comes with a 16-inch QHD+ (2560 x 1600) @ 165Hz monitor. It can be upgraded to a higher refresh rate, but the size will stay the same. The processor is an Intel i7-13700HX that can be upgraded to an Intel i9-13900HX. There’s nothing wrong with the RTX 4060 GPU and the RAM is a 16GB DDR5 4800MHz. You’re also getting 512 GB worth of storage and you can also upgrade it to a few different options. They offer 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 8TB.


The design of the laptop isn’t anything that’s going to shock you. It has rounded edges and a tapered bottom to make it look streamline. It’s the classic Alienware look, and you’ve seen it many times before. The thing to keep in mind is the fact that it weighs in at over 7 LBS and that’s a lot. Its closest competitor comes in at just under 5 LBS so it’s going to factor into your decision. It’s still technically mobile but it’s going to feel like you’re lugging it around with you. Still, for the performance you’re getting and the price you’re paying, it can make a lot of sense to just deal with the weight or leave it on your desk.

User Interface

The Alienware M16 has a really nice keyboard that feels great use. It’s very responsive and doesn’t make a ton of noise when you use it. It’s also backlit with lights that you can turn off and on as you need it. They also offer a more expensive configuration that comes with a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard, and you really can’t go wrong with that, even with the additional cost. One of the best features of the stock model is the inclusion of audio controls along the right side. It keeps them out of the way but easily accessible whenever you need them. The track pad is smaller than you’re likely used to but that’s a side effect of everything they have inside.

Cooling and Noise

If you’re used to loud gaming setups, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise with this one. It’s incredibly quiet but it still has more than enough fans running to keep it cool. There are four of them working in a vapor chamber to make sure the temperature stays down, no matter how hard you’re running it. You also get some control over the fans. You can set it to quiet mode or full fan mode, based on what you’re doing at the time. If you’re just using it to browse the web or play simple games, then quiet mode will keep you happy. If you’re going all out with a game that needs all your resources, full fan mode is there to keep the laptop safe.

Final Thoughts

If you want a gaming rig but want to save a little bit of money, then the Alienware M16 is definitely for you. It gets even better if you plan on leaving it at home for most of the time. It has a heavier design but that’s only going to matter if you’re taking it everywhere with you. It’s a tradeoff for a lower price that you won’t regret. The stock model comes in at a price of $1,899.99. It can also be changed around to adjust the cost in either direction. The least expensive spec is going to run you $1,699.99. The most expensive one is $4,699.99. That leaves a lot of room to change things around and it’s going to be a great gaming laptop with every option.

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