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There’s always going to be a dilemma that you come to when you’re in the market for a new gaming rig. You’re going to have go decide if you want to go with a laptop or a desktop. While just looking at both options is going to make it obvious that there are differences between the two, you may not know what they are. It’s common knowledge that a desktop is going to outperform a laptop and that’s a very true assessment. It’s just happening for reasons that you likely haven’t considered before.

The more you know about the differences, the easier it’s going to be for you to make a decision. Most people are only able to afford one or the other and that makes total sense. A new computer is an investment of thousands of dollars, and you want to get the most out of anything that you buy. Take the time to figure out what makes them different, and you’ll be well-positioned to get the best computer for your needs. Here’s everything you need to know so you can be sure to get the most out of your money and be happy with your ultimate choice.

Laptop Features

An open laptop.

Let’s take a look at the most common features that you can get with your laptop. It’s important to know that laptops are a much smaller package and every last inch of space is taken up inside the machine. That’s also going to make it next to impossible to upgrade it or change anything around. They’re difficult to open and you’re going to be affecting the delicate balance of heat and performance when you mess around with it. Laptops also come with batteries that let you use it without needing an outlet, which makes it mobile and easy to carry around.

On top of that, you’re also getting all the peripherals you need right out of the box. You get your monitor and keyboard connected right to the motherboard, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. You also get a touch pad, so you don’t have to make sure you pick up a mouse when you make your purchase. That’s what makes a laptop the perfect choice for someone who just wants to get a computer and start using it. It’s also the only way to get one that you can take out of the house.

Desktop Features

Agroup of desktop towers.

Desktops have plenty of their own features, but it makes sense to look at the negative aspects of choosing to go with one. The first is that you might have to get a monitor and other peripherals separately. It’s easily possible to get it all in one package, but you probably won’t get the high specs with them. If you’re getting a high-powered desktop then you want a high quality monitor and a keyboard and mouse combination that gives you the responsiveness that presents you with a premium experience every time you use them.

In fact, it’s the ability to customize them that really makes them worth your while. You’ll be able to upgrade every individual component, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest games. That gives it plenty of lasting power so can upgrade and keep the desktop for as long as you want. They also come with plenty of ports so you can connect as many additional devices as you want. It allows you to create a gaming space that fully immerses you in play with any peripherals the game publishers offer to get into the action.


There’s one piece of information that you really want to keep in mind when you’re browsing. That’s the fact that you’re never going to get the same performance out of a laptop that you can get out of a desktop. That’s always the case and it’s never going to change, even when you think you’re using the same, exact components. Just because you’re using the same processor from the same company doesn’t actually make it the same hardware. It turns out that the i7 processor you buy for your desktop is going to have better performance than the one you get for your laptop.

That’s because the companies creating them are making two different versions of their hardware. When you’re talking about processors and graphics cards, you’re getting a mobile version when you get it on a laptop. The desktop version of any processor is going to have more CUDA cores, more tensor units, more memory, and more RT cores than the laptop version. That’s going to give you much more performance out of the desktop version and it’s something to always keep in mind. You don’t want to be shocked by the performance after spending so many thousands of dollars.

Which Option is Better?

A group of laptops and desktop towers.

When you get right down to it, it’s easy to see that the desktop is always going to be the more powerful machine. The components are better, and they have more than enough performance to offer you. They’re also much easier to upgrade, no matter what you want to switch up. Everything from the motherboard to the fans can be switched out on a desktop and that’s going to let you use it for many year to come. It will save you plenty of money in the long run as well. Once games need more than what you have, you just have to replace that component. When it comes to laptops, you have to replace the entire thing every few years.

Of course, mobility might be a major concern for you. If you want to take your computer around with you then you’re going to need a laptop. It will also save you money in the short term. Laptops are always less expensive, and you don’t have to worry about getting the peripherals for it. They come in the box and all you have to do is unwrap it and start gaming right away.

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